blended and roasted with love

 A powerfully complex character indeed, 
the Hitman is rich, bold and undeniably strong. 

  Hitman Super strong coffee is the fruit of one man’s arduous quest to create a barista-quality; high-strength, high-caffeine coffee devoid of the bitterness and sub-par flavour profile that has previously been a hallmark of high-caffeine blends.

After waging a relentless vendetta against weak, 
unpalatable coffee he then set out to murder
 bitter aftertastes. 

Hitman Super Strong coffee is a premium smooth-drinking, high-strength coffee that has been artfully blended and roasted to eliminate the bitterness that has traditionally associated with high-caffeine blends and deliver the smooth, nuanced flavour profile and indulgent mouthfeel that one would expect from a premium blend.

The fruits of his brutal labour - 
the strongest hit in town - no doubt about it. 

A masterfully-crafted selection of the world’s finest coffee beans carefully medium-roasted in Sydney result in this full-bodied and complex blend, boasting over twice the amount of caffeine found in regular coffee. Created to delight even the most discerning coffee aficionados, Hitman delivers a big mouthfeel and notes of cultured butter, aniseed and cherry jam.

Independently certified to contain 1400mg of caffeine per 100g - 
over twice the amount found in regular coffee.